Avoiding misdiagnosis of oral cancer

Rising rates of oral cancer over recent years mean it's more important than ever to be on the lookout for the warning signs, and to respond appropriately.

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Young dentist putting on PPE in front of mirror

New, but not yet normal

Despite the immediate impact of the shutdown on dental professionals and practices, there has been some progress towards normality, reassures DDU head John Makin.

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School of fish

GROUPCARE: new dental practice scheme launched

Our new GROUPCARE practice scheme means the whole dental team can take advantage of a wide range of membership benefits.

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Post-pandemic practice: interview with Dr Andrew Chandrapal

Dr Andrew Chandrapal looks to the light at the end of the tunnel as he discusses lockdown and making the transition back to practice.

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The member was adamant this wasn't the right course of action, but wanted advice on how to proceed while acting in the patient's best interests.

Advisory calls

Request for inadvisable treatment

One patient's demands for treatment against their best interests rang alarm bells for a DDU member, who called us for advice.

Concept illustration of website construction

Marketing your dental practice online: building a better website

A good practice website attracts patients and shows you have the right dental practice to help them. Here's how to make your website an asset, not a liability.

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DDU app

Manage your DDU membership online

You can now view your proof of membership in the DDU app.

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Processes and procedures in CBCT referrals

DDU dental advisory committee member Simon Harvey looks at the clerical and medico-legal aspects of radiological referrals.

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New health and wellbeing helpline for DDU members

DDU members now get free access to a 24-hour confidential health and wellbeing helpline.

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