Overcoming barriers to communication

Effective communication is an essential part of the practice of dentistry. It can help improve both clinician and patient satisfaction and also help reduce the risk of complaints.

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Close-up of sword blade

Dentistry and Damocles: the perception of threats to practice

Despite the perceived fears hanging over the heads of dental professionals, there are positives to be taken from the improvements in the climate in which they work.

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Mis-matched speech bubbles

Appropriate advertising: advice on selling yourself

Although the principles of advertising seem fairly straightforward, it's important not to misrepresent yourself, your skills or your services - accidentally or otherwise.

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Advice on leaving a practice

The DDU advised an associate member after her practice owners asked her not to tell patients that she was leaving.

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Patients' autonomy means they are free to reject the advice or treatment you offer, but not that you are obliged to offer inappropriate treatment if a patient demands it.

Advisory calls

A request for pearly whites: considerations of patients' best interests

A DDU member asked for advice around their obligations to a patient who wanted treatment overseas.

Illustration of mechanical heads

Talking to patients' relatives and carers

Respect for personal autonomy is an important principle in modern dental practice. But if the patient needs extra support, you may need to involve their relative or carer.

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