Buying and selling a dental practice: key contractual issues

When embarking on a practice sale or purchase, it is essential you seek advice from a dental specialist solicitor, says Faisal Dhalla of Hempsons solicitors.

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Tug of war

Friendly fire

The DDU sees a number of claims involving criticism of one registrant by another, but there are things we can do to try and deflect this 'friendly fire', says John Makin.

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GDC Scope of Practice

Following a regular meeting of the DDU and the General Dental Council (GDC), in which Scope of Practice was one of the areas discussed, GDC head of public policy Richard Drummond provides an overview of the guidance and an update on developments on the horizon.

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My work experience: what I wish I knew

DDU student member Ridah Hasan shares her top tips for getting the most out of a work experience placement.

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It's about enhancing clinical performance through understanding the effects of things like teamwork, task management, the culture and human behaviour in a clinical setting.


Only human: how human factors affect risk management in patient safety

Professor Simon Wright believes we can only improve patient safety in dental practice if we first understand the role of human factors.



A patient brought a claim alleging that a DDU member caused them to suffer neuropraxia during the extraction of their LR7.

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Pain in throat

Open wide: the risks of swallowed or inhaled dental instruments

It's rare for a patient to swallow or inhale something during treatment, but such incidents can lead to negligence claims and dental professionals should be aware of the risks.

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Dental complaints e-learning from the DDU

The DDU has launched a comprehensive online course on complaints, available exclusively for members.

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