Leaving NHS practice

More dentists are reported to be considering life outside the NHS. But while private practice can be an attractive destination, it's important to plan your journey with care.

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The two sides of dentistry

Dentistry is a commercial profession as well as a caring one, and dental professionals need to think carefully about balancing both sides.

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Facebook emojis

Are you a social media friend or foe?

Get social media savvy and join the DDU on Facebook.

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A smooth exit: managing staff departures

Rupert Hoppenbrouwers offers advice on making sure staff departures are as seamless and stress free as possible.

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It is more important than ever to use dental notation systems that are unambiguous

In focus

Avoiding errors in dental notation

Differences in dental notation can lead to unexpected errors. How well do you know your notes?

Implant being placed

Inhaled implant driver

A patient brought a claim against a DDU member after swallowing an implant driver during implant placement.

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Tannoy speakers

Promoting your practice: ethical issues and responsibilities

There are a good few factors to consider when thinking about how to ethically market your practice.

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Parental objection to child's treatment

A DDU member was confronted by the dissatisfied parent of a young patient.

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