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Another dimension to dental practice?

New technology in dental practice offers both advantages and risks. Dr Suk Ng discusses cone beam CT with Susan Field.

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Associate agreements: advice for post-foundation dentists

Faisal Dhalla, partner at Hempsons, discusses why a written associate agreement is essential for associates.

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Open channels

Whether we're interacting with members on an individual basis or influencing at a governmental level, we make all our communications count.

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Dental duty of candour update

Recently updated information helps dental professionals understand their duty to be open and honest with patients.

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Complaint handling in larger practices

Making sure you're involved in the complaints process can prove vital to a quick and satisfactory resolution for everyone concerned - especially in larger practices.

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Each learning experience can provide an opportunity to develop and grow...


In at the deep end - beginning DF1

Chirag Mehta looks back on his early days of diving into dental foundation training and shares his experiences with those just starting out.

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Peninsula Employment Law Advice Service - top five topics

Dealing with staffing issues correctly is key to running a successful practice. Peninsula's Nicola Mullienux explains the top reasons DDU members call the employment law advice line.

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Incorrect treatment on a sedated patient

A sedated patient had the wrong tooth filled, and a complaint soon followed.

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Risks and referrals

John Makin offers some advice on removing the risks from the patient referral process.

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Why I decided to becomeā€¦a periodontist

Raman Bhardwaj discusses his career choices to date and what inspired him in the pursuit of periodontics.

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