It's good to talk - dental professionals and occupational health

The pressures of dental practice can push some practitioners to the brink. Malcolm Prideaux tells Susan Field why members of the profession need to support and depend on each other.

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Connected pins on a board

Dentistry - a community of practice?

John Makin stresses the importance of being connected and working together, both as individual colleagues and as a profession as a whole.

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Pen writing feedback

GDC invites comments on regulation reform plans

Proposals to overhaul the GDC's regulatory procedures have been welcomed by the DDU.

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Remote prescribing and delegation

Involving another member of staff in your prescribing carries with it specific risks and responsibilities. How up-to-date is your knowledge?

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If you can love what you do and find a passion within dentistry, then work very quickly becomes something you look forward to each day.


FMC Private Dentistry Awards Best Young Dentist

A quick Q&A with one of the winners from the FMC's annual awards for private dentistry.

Stepping stones on lake

Getting to know your DLAs

If you need support along the path of dental practise, the DDU's dento-legal advisers can help you find your way.

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Drinking from bottle

Disclosing information to a third party

A DDU member was unsure about the divide between their duty of care and their duty of confidentiality.

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Dental foundation training - the next steps

It's never too soon to be thinking about the future. In his second piece for the DDU journal, Chirag Mehta looks beyond dental foundation training.

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Ending the relationship with a patient

In specific circumstances, it's sometimes necessary to end the professional relationship with a patient. Senior dento-legal adviser Rupert Hoppenbrouwers covers what to do when it's time to say goodbye.

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Pressure gauge

Occupational health and hazards

Eric Easson examines the issue of dental professionals' occupational health and signposts some sources of support.

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