Antibiotics and inappropriate prescribing

Problems with prescribing can leave dental professionals facing a storm of criticism, and these issues - particularly involving antibiotics - are a common factor in complaints and claims.

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Daffodil in snow

Green shoots of regulation reform?

The initial results of reforms to the GDC's complaints procedure are encouraging, says John Makin, head of the DDU, but there is still much to be done.

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Departure board showing delays

Avoidable delay in extraction

A patient's extraction was delayed because the practice had run out of the appropriate anaesthetic.

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Dentists as data controllers

Dental professionals often have access to patients' personal data, which means they also have responsibilities to protect that information and handle it responsibly.

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A lack of objectivity could potentially lead to issues that leave a dental professional open to criticism...

In focus

Relative values: guidance on treating family and friends

It's natural to want to help those close to you, but the DDU still receives calls from members asking about the possible ethical and professional implications of treating friends and relatives.

X-ray of fillings

Dental amalgam regulations update

What factors do dental practitioners need to consider in light of the new rules surrounding the provision of amalgam?

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Oral examination of male patient

Referral of oral carcinoma

Following guidelines and procedures around referrals can help dental professionals avoid complaints or claims, as dento-legal adviser Eric Easson explains.

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Social media e-learning for dental professionals

The DDU introduces e-learning to help dental professionals use social media appropriately and avoid the dento-legal pitfalls that can come with it.

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